VUMC Exchange: Entourage

Procedures for configuring the Entourage 2008 client on a Macintosh***NOTE ECS Recommends using Entourage 2008 due to known issues with Entourage 2004***

Install Mac Office 2008 or Entourage 2008 individually. You can find these updates for these platforms at or

For client usage tips and best practices, click here.

Step 1
Open the Entourage client.

Step 2
Click Entourage on the top menu and select Account Settings

Step 3
Right click in the window that popups and select New from the drop down menu.

Step 4
Select Exchange.

Step 5
In the Edit Account box - Account Settings tab, put in the following:

  • Account Name: Choose an identifier, your name, VUMC exchange, etc.
  • Name: User’s name
  • E-mail address: <valid email address>
  • Account ID: Your VUNetID
  • Domain: Vanderbilt
  • Password: Your ePassword
  • Exchange Server: where EmailAddress is your Vanderbilt Email Address (Email address: above)
  • Check the This DAV service requires a secure connection check-box.

Step 6
Type the following in the Advanced tab:

Please contact the VUMC help desk at 615-343-4357 or email for additional information.