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VUnetID and ePassword info for All New Users:
To get your Vanderbilt network ID (VUnetID) and ePassword,GO HERE.


ePassword authentication was explicitly designed to provide faculty, staff, and students with secure access to online business, academic and personal information. Because of this, ePassword has several security requirements. The most important requirement is that you must not share your ePassword with anyone or have possession of anyone else's ePassword. Sharing ePasswords undermines our security infrastructure and expressly violates Vanderbilt policy.

If you shared your ePassword or think others might know it, you need to change it now.

To change your ePasswordgo to "my ePassword options" and follow the instructions.

Please know that there are secure methods that do not require sharing your ePassword. Here are some resource options: The Myths/facts about ePassword sharing

Usethe ePassword Security Help Request form. If you have knowledge of situations where individuals feel it is necessary, or have been instructed, to share their passwords, please report those situations anonymously usingthe password abuse form.

Thank you for taking responsibility for your ePassword security.

Vanderbilt Passwords -Information about various passwords you may use at Vanderbilt.

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